About Us

Tenet is a supply chain services company that provides a diverse portfolio of specialty building products. We have distribution centers in the upper Midwest and support our clients nationally with a diverse partner ecosystem (network).

On it. Together.

Tenet is one company built on two solid and reputable foundations: APi Distribution and ASDCO Construction Supply. With over 100 years of excellence, Tenet powers the performance of specialty contractors with the expertise, services, and products they need so they can focus on building our communities.

At Tenet, we bring relentless energy to help specialty contractors succeed by simplifying their supply chains. We combine personalized services with a robust partner ecosystem to ensure you have what you need, where it needs to be, whenever it needs to be there. Because it’s our mission to simplify your supply chain so you can perform at the highest level — letting you focus on the more important things, like building communities.

Building communities takes a strong team. We take pride in being the partner behind the scenes to power your performance.