Key Benefits of Mineral Wool Project


Mineral wool insulation (also called rock or slag wool insulation) is made from rock, blast furnace slag and other raw materials which are melted and spun into fibers to resemble the texture of wool. After only one month of use, one pound of mineral wool saves the same amount of energy used in its manufacture. Mineral wool is also the most cost effective, continuous insulation product. It comes in multiple densities depending on the application intended for the product. The most common sizes range from (approx.) 4-10lb depending on the desired use for the product.

Residential and Commercial

Mineral wool is available in batts, rolls or loose-fill forms. Like fiberglass, it is also used throughout projects in sidewalls, attics, floors, crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings and basements. Most products come with or without a foil-facing.

Residential Application

Residential mineral wool blankets are ideal for insulating walls, floor/ceilings and attic spaces in homes. These products provide a high R-value/inch. Another attribute that mineral wool products provide is sound attenuation and outstanding fire performance. Products are non-combustible and mold resistant.

Commercial Application

Mineral wool is non-combustible. If a fire occurs, it will not burn or release harmful smoke or gasses like other common products such as foam board. Its smoke protection and non-combustible traits can be especially critical in high-occupancy buildings like schools, hospitals and any multi-story buildings.

*The exterior of this 28-story apartment building was being replaced and insulated with a combustable insulation. A spark ignited the insulation and the entire building went up in flames.

Cost Efficiency: For the R-value, mineral wool cost 40-60% less per square foot than a comparable foam product. Foam products offer R-values ranging from 5-6 per inch of thickness. For R-10 continuous insulation, a 2” thick rigid foam product or a 2.5” thick mineral wool continuous insulation would meet that requirement.


Mineral wool is a water repellent yet vapor permeable material that is ideal for steam and process pipe systems operating at higher temperatures, where energy conservation, personnel protection and fire control are concerns. Products come in pipe covering and board. They also have a with or without foil option.


On industrial projects mineral wool is commonly used for demanding industrial and mechanical application. Uses include storage tank insulations, drying/oven equipment and petro-chemical and power generating equipment protection. It is the ideal product in its category as it combines good compressive resistance and a high-temperature (1200°F) operating point.

APi Custom Fabrication: We currently custom fabricate both pipe covering and mineral wool board products from both are Arden Hills, MN and Sioux City, SD locations. Our current process allows us to engineer and fabricate a wide variety of board and pipe related products.