BASF Spraytite SP XF, 55 Gal

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  • Spray Foam Drum Side: Side B (Resin)
  • Spray Foam Drum Specialty: High lift, 4" max pass / warm weather blend / interior / Closed Cell (2lb) / min temp 30 degrees
  • Type: Interior Foam
  • Size: 55-Gal
  • Lead Time: Tenet Stock Item
  • Superior insulation
  • Controls moisture infiltration
  • Non-fibrous
  • Structural enhancement
  • Controls air infiltration
  • Speed of installation
  • FEMA Class 5 flood-damage resistant rated material
  • 30°F to 65°F
  • 55-GAL
  • Description
SPRAYTITE SP is a two-component closed-cell spray polyurethane foam system utilizing an EPA-approved, zero ozone-depleting blowing agent. It is designed for use in residential construction and common commercial insulation applications.