BRITE-MARK Medium Valve Action Permanent Liquid Paint Marker

$0.00 / BX
  • Lead Time: Manufacturer Drop Ship
  • Marker Type: Paint Marker
  • Style: Liquid
  • Tip Style: Medium; Felt (#15)
  • Heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity
  • Valve action mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when the cap is left off
  • Drying time: 25-30 seconds
  • Marking Range: 0°F to 350°F
  • Bullet tips are replaceable to assure complete use of paint in each marker
  • Tip Type: Medium, Felt (#15)
  • 12-EA/BX; 48-EA/CS
  • Description

Dykem BRITE-MARK Medium Valve Action Permanent Paint Markers feature fast drying, oil-based, UV resistant paint that can withstand harsh indoor and outdoor conditions. These general-purpose paint markers are ideally suited for making clear, bold markings on nearly any surface. Additionally, they don't contain any hazardous air pollutants or reportable amounts of xylene.