Staying Cool in the Dog Days of Summer

With the dog days of summer approaching faster than it may seem, it is vital for our workers to stay cool and refreshed, in these harsh climates, to make it back safely to their families.  According to here are some vital tips for staying cool:

  1. Water, water, everywhere.  Staying hydrated, by drinking the proper amount of water during the day is crucial to staying healthy, cool, and refreshed, in the hot summer heat.  A great tasting alternative to water would be Sqwinchers.  We suggest avoiding any type of soda pop or energy drinks.
  2. Stay in good physical shape.  Be mindful of what your body can handle, when working in warmer conditions.  Its good for you to engage in 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  3. Eat right.  Try to keep it lighter during the day. Any potential grease or high-fat could have the ability to bog you down during the hot afternoons.
  4. Be aware of the ‘post lunch dip’ effect of drowsiness. Circadian rhythms govern our sleep/wake cycle and this after-lunch interval is a tough one.  You can minimize the fatigue by easing up on the mid-day meal.  If you do feel a dip in energy (which is common) try Sqwincher Energy Bursts for a quick, effective recharge.
  5. Get your sleep. It is much harder to get a good night sleep in the heat. Try to keep sleeping rooms cool.  Use low-speed ceiling fans for air entertainment.
  6. Timing is everything. Whenever possible, plan the job to avoid direct sun or move up the start time.  If working in direct sun can’t be avoided, schedule frequent rest breaks in a shaded area.  The outdoor tool industry sells a variety of shade umbrellas and portable coverings.
  7. Dress to stay cool. Engineered fabric athletic and recreational garments can reduce the heat load on the body. The Chill-Its Neck Towels or MiraCool Heat Stress Hard Hat Snap-on are great products to keep you cool when working outside for long hours.
  8. Avoid going in and out of air conditioned climates. That’s a body slam each way in terms of adjusting.
  9. Plan for heat stress avoidance.  Heat stress avoidance steps include maintaining proper hydration (Sqwinchers), pacing yourself and the crew, avoiding prolonged strenuous exertion, staying covered up in direct sun, etc.
  10. Cover your head. A wide brim hard hat with a cooling pad could be vital for staying cool.  Add a neck shade, a hat brim with shade.  Use sun block on any exposed skin.
  11. Cool it down. The neck and head pretty much govern the heat loading on the body, a lot of blood flows through these parts.  That is why cooling bandanas or high performance hats with neck shade are so effective, they can keep direct sunlight off your neck.

Let APi Distribution be your resource for all things heat-stress protection related.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Try to use these tips and products to your advantage to do your best to keep you and your crew safe, cool, refreshed, and relaxed.