Pipeline and Coatings: Applicator Training


Training and certification are something required, in every industry. To keep your project moving forward, Tenet’s Pipeline & Coatings team will conducting proper classroom and hands on training for certification.  

Earlier this year, we had an opportunity to provide training certification on a variety of Denso products, like Liquid Epoxy Coatings (Protal 7200), Petrolatum Tape Systems including LT Tape and protective Glass Outerwrap. Learning through a classroom experience, the training are an authentic first-hand application process, where materials mentioned above are applied through the manufacturer application procedure. Additionally, primers such as the Denso Paste S105, and Molding compounds like the Profiling Mastic are used in conjunction with Denso systems during hands on learning.  

If you have a raw perspective towards the application process and material knowledge, your written exam is the final piece towards certified coating application. Next step— Take the experience to the field! You can feel confident in leading the industry through correct and safe practices, for creating solutions. Your certification will remain valid for 2 years and the applicator now provides an extra layer of support to keep the project moving forward.  

We think this could be more fun than the standard classroom. If you and your team want to learn more about becoming certified in Denso applications, contact us through the website, email, or phone. We want to help!