Tenet Brand Update

We are excited to announce, APi Distribution & ASDCO are merging companies to become Tenet. As we collaborate through this journey, we continue to create a dedicated team led by experts who foster deep relationships with our customers and vendor partners. This integration will bring more value to our partners by leveraging our two companies' combined capacity, capability, geographic footprint, and product offerings. We are on track to launch the new brand and company on January 1st, 2022. 

To develop clear and concise messaging, you can find our latest updates below:

  • APi Distribution & ASDCO continue to operate as separate companies until Dec 31st.
  • Unless communicated, your current contacts have not changed
  • We will be updating our website to include a more extensive product offering
  • Any shared location (between APi Distribution & ASDCO) will merge to operate as one
  • Our warehouse in Arden Hills has been under construction to allow for more office space and collaboration. 
  • Tenet officially has a logo, mission, vision and values to guide our company.
  • We have a new warehouse in Billings, MT
  • We have updated our Terms & Conditions and have sent out new credit applications to all partners

Some updates you will notice include our email addresses, our website link, a few address updates, more product categories, new team members and more warehouse locations... to name a few. This is why we felt it was important you were made aware of these updates.  

Our dedication to our customers and relentless efforts to have the products you need for your job site will not change. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to your sales representative or us.

Why Tenet?

Tenet is a belief or a principle held true. As a company name, it demonstrates our unyielding commitment to the intimate, responsive, expert-level service our company can promise – one that lives in the organization’s DNA. Lastly, it is a palindrome, which means it is the same forwards and backward, which gave us an excellent logo design.

If you have more questions, contact us