Veterans Day 2015


API Group has been named one of three finalists for the US Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes Don Weber Wounded Veteran and Caregiver Employment Award.

“APi Group has been a true leader in the movement to hire and support our nation’s wounded veterans and those who care for them,” said Eric Eversole, vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and president of Hiring Our Heroes. “APi Group understands the value in hiring the men and women who have served our country and has dedicated extraordinary efforts toward improving the lives of America’s wounded veterans and caregivers.”

On this Veterans Day, we want to thank those who have sacrificed so much, to keep our country free. In honor of today, we sat down with Adam Walsh, Veterans Rotation Program, at APi Distribution, where he told us about his extensive work-weeks and his experiences while servicing in the US Army, 82nd Airborne, 2/508 Parachute Infantry Regiment in Kandahar Province Afghanistan.

Adam Walsh is a Minneapolis native. He enlisted after college to begin training at Ft. Benning Georgia. Growing up, Walsh recalls always having a desire to serve and wanted the challenges it would take to get into the fight. Leading up to his first day of service, Walsh reflected back saying, he was anxious and very ready to get started.

The high point of Walsh’s career was his tour in Afghanistan, which after all was the reason he enlisted. The bond spent with his brothers made the experience so rewarding. “It was a privilege to have wielded the sword for this country with these great men,” said Walsh. Living and working with various Afghan forces allowed Walsh to build a bond with the locals and to aid the best he could. The locals, having very little, gave Adam the opportunity to help with farming practices, health care, school supplies, toys, and public works projects.

Downtime didn’t come often, nor did sleep or clean resources. Walsh said he would sleep and shower when he had the chance, and/or brush his teeth with bottled water when he could. “You never know when you won’t be able to do those things. Living in America is such a blessing.” Walsh also noted that he took television and hot water for granted.

On tour, the soldiers worked 60+ hour weeks and even more when they were going through training. During that time, they were gone anywhere from a week to six weeks, and they worked the whole time with little sleep.

Life after Afghanistan has been more than positive for Adam. He still keeps in contact with his Platoon brothers regularly and currently serves in the MN National Guard and is a part of the API Group Veterans Rotation Program. Adam’s second rotation has brought him to the APi Distribution team. On the job, he applies his military training to focus on the tasks at hand and safety. “This focus is essential and translates well to the construction industry.  Whether it is in a combat situation or working on a hazardous job site, you have to pay attention to what you are doing, make sure you have, and are using your PPE, and maintain that safety awareness.” Adam has the “go for it” mentality. Having jumped out of planes on a regular basis, he has put himself in the mindset that he didn’t have a choice to jump. Today, Adam continues that mindset to accomplish whatever task comes his way. “I make it simple that way. You just go all the way!”

Adam ends the interview with these final thoughts; “I can’t imagine being at a better organization with better people.  I am fully aware of how incredibly lucky I am.  It is unique and rare to be some place where you are excited about your work and the strong sense of optimism you feel is shared by all around you.  I would like to acknowledge the APi leadership’s commitment to hiring veterans.  I know that it is popular today for an organization to say they are veteran friendly but APi takes action.  It might be the right thing to do, but bringing in military veterans is also good business. The veterans at APi who I have I met are the talented, loyal leaders that will ensure the organizations long-term growth. “

We want to thank Adam Walsh, Veterans within APi Group Inc., and all the veterans out there for all their time and service!

Thank you Veterans!!